Ameera Beth

Ameera Beth is an intuitive, incarnated Mer person, and Atlantean High Priestess. She is closely tied to the energies of Atlantis, Lemuria and the Sacred Feminine, and brings forward the ability to heal all layers of the Aura and Chakras through  the channeling of ancient Atlantean gestures and energies through her body.
Ameera Beth has been serving clients as a Trans Personal Spiritual Healer in the Pacific Northwest since 2004.  Her specialty is in helping others embody the "Art of Detachment" to transcend patterns, beliefs and habits to create QUANTUM  LEAPS in consciousness, vibration and Soul Purpose. Ameera is very skilled in energetic protection, including clearing those under psychic attack.
Ameera is an advanced level Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Trans Personal Mentor and Ordained Minister. Trans Personal Spiritual Healing is about helping others to raise and maintain their personal vibration and connection to the ONE HEART of the Divine that exists within and all around us.

She serves as an Awakener, and helps her clients remember how to access and cultivate their own innate wisdom and Divine connection.
You can follow Ameera on Facebook at Dolphin Moon Healing Ministries and on her web site ​